The roundabout dogs (Rondellhund) started appearing in Linköping, Östergötland (and were therefore originally called de östgötska rondellhundarna), after a dog that was part of the official roundabout installation the 26 of February 2006 by sculptor Stina Opitz had been vandalized in May the same year and later removed. The original dog was made of concrete and Stina Opitz was to make a new version of it after the vandalism, when suddenly someone had placed a homemade wooden dog in the same roundabout. Soon the dog was given a concrete bone by another anonymous artist. After media had reported about the homemade sculpture, the Rondellhund started appearing in more places around the country.

Running wild, Rondellhund appear locally by local people. A few are vandalized, but most are left alone, or even restored if damaged. Without realizing the intent of the originators, the local media coverage probably is the best factor for the spread of Rondellhund these pieces of folk art can now be found throughout Sweden, and seemed to multiply as fast as bunnies!

A Rondellhund spotter would have a wonderful time observing the different styles and dates of appearance. For a while there was also a sad prospect of removal of the dogs by traffic authorities, as there seemed to be disagreement as to whether or not the dogs distracted the drivers, thus creating a traffic hazard, until the 16 November 2006, when it was decreed that Rondellhund are not illegal. They may still be a very welcome diversion for anyone travelling with children.

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